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The Fordwich Lake is situated in the Stour Valley downstream from Fordwich. You approach the area from Canterbury on the A28 until you reach Sturry where you take the right turn immediately before the pedestrian crossing to Fordwich. Following the road past The George and Dragon Hotel, round a sharp left hand bend, and where the road next turns sharply to the right, you have on your left The Fordwich Arms and in front of you to the left, Fordwich Church. Going down past the church is a private road known as The Drove, which has a 5mph speed restriction. Follow The Drove to the end where you come to our locked car park. Members using this or any of our other parking places must display a current CDAA membership car sticker.

It is a mature water with made up fishing places and platforms set in extremely beautiful countryside with a wide variety of bird life. Primarily the water has been stocked with carp both common and mirror with fish up to 40lbs. As an additional bonus there is a large head of tench in the 6 to 10lb class along with the occasional bream from 5 to 10lb. Specimen pike are taken in their season, mainly from the far end of the lake known as The Deeps. Pike in excess of 20lb are not uncommon.

Fordwich Lake adjoins the car park and is approximately 33 acres. It was formed as a result of ground excavation using the drag line method which has given it an almost unique bed formation. The first half of the lake was dug in an east west direction and the further half from north south leaving gravel bars or ridges and islands with deep troughs between giving depths varying from a few centimetres to the occasional 3 to 6 metres (10 – 20 feet), with an overall average of about 1.6 metres (5 feet).